Pride & Prejudice + Zombies

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be reading a classic novel such as Pride & Prejudice in the context of a zombie filled world. I have to admit that Pride & Prejudice is probably one of my all time favorite classics, so I have been somewhat apprehensive to read or watch the movie. After hearing reviews from fellow classmates I have taken the plunge, read the book and I am pleasantly surprised. I did enjoy it. The one thing I did like is the strength in the Bennett sisters and how they were trained to fight for themselves in the midst of a zombie outbreak. When Elizabeth refuses to give up her life as a warrior in order to marry Parson Collins was a highlight. In my mind I was like, oh here we go the damsal in distress…nice change to see her as a strong woman!

Overall, a great read! After exams I will watch the movie! A great book to end the term with! Thank you Dr. J!


The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home

By Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman

I have read two chapters of this book, and I am really enjoying it. The writing of the story between grandmother (Clio) and grandaughter (Okie) is intriguing and easy to read. I also really love the fact it takes place in Toronto, another Canadian read which gives it another fun twist to read.

I found this information on Atwood and Alderman from the National Post…a few interesting tidbits in it!

Margaret Atwood makes her first foray into the undead with The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home

So far my favorite scene is the the one when the grandaughter calls to tell her grandmother that “Mother just ate Dad”. Her response is so funny and I love the grandmother’s very frank advice. She takes a scary and sad state and tries to bring some humor into the situation. The grandaughter is edgy and sounds like your typical 15 year old. I love how she seems so full of attitude and bravery, until there is a glimpse of the small child she still really is. The image of her stuffed bunny at the bottom of her backpack breaks your heart.

I am hooked on this book after just two chapters and will chip away at it to finish it. While looking up the image for the book I came across this website: It’s a pretty neat site with blog addresses, zombie events and access to some free zombie fiction! After exams, I will check it out a little further….oh, and far as mini weiners and rhubarb…I may not indulge in either of those again…

Dead North

Edited by Silva Moreno-Garcia

Dead North…purely Canadian stories with zombies. I am sure most people would have thought that Canada would be a safe spot to hide if there was a zombie apolcalypse. I guess not according to the authors found in this series of short stories. The settings in each of the stories range from East to West and from North to South. The characters range from those living on a grow-op to those that are indigenous.

I am thoroughly enjoying each of the stories in this book. They are short reads, which at this time of year at the end of semester is great. I have thus far really enjoyed “Those Beneath the Bog” by Jacques L. Condor/Maka Tai Meh. I found the traditon of reading the bones by Auntie to be intriguing and the tradition of culture to be fascinating. I have also like “The Last Katajjaq” by Carrie-Lea Cote to be an interesting read as well. My interest in studies as some of you know is within the frame of indigenous literature as well as the history and traditions of Canadian indigenous peoples. Due to my interest these two stories I found very enjoyable and scary too!

I am looking to tomorrow’s presentations!

World War Z

Wow. I am loving this one! Great choice Dr. Jones! I am loving the different perspectives of the “Great Panic” from the survivors and from each community. There are some heartbreaking recollections and some very fearful ones as well.

Probably my favourite scene from the book is the surgeon that performs the heart transplant with the underground organs….the turn of events of how the patient turns into a zombie…wow. Very well written and exciting!

I found last week’s class very interesting on the background of Max Brooks. I find it intriguing how a small idea can turn into a huge idea, then there is a book, a movie and there is a greater snow ball effect into more books…I wonder what the next “small” idea for Brooks would be.

I am looking forward to summer when I can finish this one, watch the movie and read some of Brooks’ other writings! Once again great choice Dr. Jones!

The Decline

by Christopher Jessulat

A great read! The fast paced writing by Christopher Jessulat has kept me on my seat throughout the whole book…loved it! I loved the fact the setting of the book is in Saint John and that I could visualize each location and how the characters are moving from place to place.

Questions for the author:

  1. Why choose the type of zombie, aka George Romero type vs. any other disease ladden type?
  2. How much military research did you have to do to understand the weaponry and the snipper type of watchfulness of the characters? Do you have a military background?
  3. Why choose Anders to be from the Netherlands? Why the Netherlands? Did you have any reasoning for him to be from there?
  4. Why Saint John? When you could have had a setting from any other city, why here? Why not Moncton where you are originally from?
  5. Will you write another type of zombie book? Or are you more apt to write a different style/genre?

I am looking forward to today’s class!

Zone One

by Colson Whitehead

The novel by Colson Whitehead is about the infected and unaffected by a plague with the book being set in Manhattan, New York. It is an interesting read of the life of Mark Spitz who is a survivor that has volunteered to be a “sweeper”. A sweeper is responsible for “sweeping” or looking for skels or stragglers,(both aka zombies). The way to become infected is through being bitten or via a scratch that the plaque can enter through.

The style of writing that Whitehead has used is interesting as it takes place over a period of three days and it gives the reader the perspective of Mark Spitz as a sweeper but there are glimpses of his past life. An interesting thought Spitz has though is that those that cling to the past are often those that end up dying. As tempting as it is, you can sense he only allows you to have small glimpses of his past life. The one I found most disturbing or sad was the image of his infected mother feasting on his father. No wonder he doesn’t want to focus on the past….survival is the focus of this sweeper and there is a feeling of just that, survive and don’t focus on what could have been…

Whitehead has placed some symbolism within the novel. The stragglers could be symbolic of the emotional and sentimental strain of humanity that died after plaque. Interestingly enough that the stragglers occupy the physical spaces that held significance for them during their living lives…like that is the comfortable place for them in their misery of being infected. The sadness of staying there until someone comes to put them out of their misery. The Buffalo Headquarters representing the want to return to civilization and corporate sponsorship. There is an overall feeling of Spitz wanting to return to the comfort that orderly systems seem to offer to human societies.

I have to say I really enjoyed:

I found that the mapping system of the site really helped put into perspective where things were happening. Thanks Bethany!

Overall I found this book to be a tough read with the overwhelming amount of description in each scene. BUT I would read Whitehead’s book the Underground Train to give his writing another try…

Kingdom…Episode 1

“In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious rumor of the king’s death spreads, as does a strange plague that renders the infected immune to death and hungry for flesh. The crown prince, fallen victim to a conspiracy, sets out on a journey to unveil the evil scheme and save his people.”

Wow…I watched the first episode of this new series on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

I felt that the overall story was easy to follow. I found I really didn’t mind it being subtitled. The beautiful setting of ancient Korea, the palace and the beautiful costumes enhanced the movie for me.

The breakdown of episodes made it easy for me to watch in small portions, as I don’t do well watch large portions of scary.

Now for the zombies…the beginning of the series shows an ancient technique of trying to bring someone back to life…who could it be? (Maybe the king? LOL.) But it reminded me of our chats about voodoo, just the difference being that this is an ancient Japanese technique. Very interesting…

And that soup….well you could sense what was going to happen….the finger floating, disgusting…but how the people quickly got better, and then you guessed it zombie ville…

There is also some humor in the show…the guard of the Prince being totally enthralled and focussed on the dessert table and what he can steal brings some lighthearted moments throughout…I loved the line “What? No beef pancakes?” before they sneak out of the palace.

In all honesty, I can’t wait to watch episode 2….you have me hooked Dr. Jones!

Now onto episode 2….